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Monthly Meeting Education Videos

May 2022 -  Carol Adelman presenting Peonies

April 2022 -  Missouri Botanical Gardens presenting Virtual  Live Tour of their Japanese Gardens

March 2022 -  Jo Ellen Meyers -Sharp presenting Woody Plants Worthy of Small Spaces

February 2022 - Richard Hentschel presenting Garden Tool Maintenance

January 2022 - Matt Darling presenting Native Plants for Home Landscapes

Educational Articles


Members of the Sunnyside Master Gardeners have been writing gardening and garden-related articles for their monthly newsletter, Sunnyside Thymes. The articles range from vegetable gardening to native plants to award-winning plants that work well in our area. We thought we would share these educational, informative articles with you.


2017 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Beneficial insects and pests)


Camouflaged Looper



Harlequin Bug

Hickory Horned Devil

Lady Beetles

Milkweed Tussock Moth

Spider Mites

Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Predators

Wheel Bugs


2018 - Wicked Weeds

Creeping Charlie

Garlic Mustard

Multiflora Rose


Purple Deadnettle and Henbit Purslane



Wild Garlic and Wild Onion

Winter Weeds

2019 - Space Invaders/Invasives

Invasives Plants Overview

Autumn and Russian Olive

Burning Bush/Purple Winter Creeper

Callery Pear

Chinese Silver Grass

English Ivy

Heavenly Bamboo/Nandina domestica

Japanese Knotwood


Purple Loosestrife

Shade Loving Invasives

Tree of Heaven/Princess Tree

2020 - Native Plant Alternatives

Allegheny Spurge versus Wintercreeper

Blazing Star versus Purple Loosestrife

Eastern Hophornbeam

Grey Dogwood versus Autumn Olive

Native Plant Alternative List

New Jersey Tea versus Japanese Barberry

Prairie Dropseed versus Chinese Silver Grass

Red-stemmed Dogwood versus Japanese knotwood

Serviceberry Versus Callery Pear

Using Native Plants

Virginia Sweetspire versus Burning Bush

Winterberry vs. Asian Bush Honeysuckle


2021 - Gardeners Wish List

Proven Success Plants Overview

American Spicebush/Button Bush/Indian Pink

Arelia cordata/Hakonechloa macra


False Sunflower/Ophiopogon umbraticola

Ghost Lady Fern/Everoro Sedge/Evergold Japanese Weeping Sedge



Pulmonaria’Trevi Fountain’/Common Persimmon


Yews, Scarlet Oaks


2022 - Botanical Gardens to Love

Biltmore Gardens

BioPark Botanic Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Chicago Botanical Gardens

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue University Northwest

Gibbs Gardens, Cunmer Museum Gardens

Huntsville Botanical Gardens, Bellingrath Garden and Museum Home

Krohn Conservatory, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Olbrich Botanical Garden

Yew Dell Gardens, Whitehall Gardens, Waterfront Botanical Gardens


2023 - Know Your Natives

Indiana Native Wilflowers

Native Edibles

Native Ferns

Native Grasses

Native Shrubs Part 1

Native Shrubs Part 2

Native Spring Ephermals

Native Trees Part 1

Native Trees Part 2

Native Vines

Shade Loving Native Perennial

Showy Native Perennials

Sunnyside MG  Picnic

June 8, 4:30 PM

Perrin Park

Elizabeth Raleigh

Grantline Nursery


New Plants for 2024

Meeting Agenda

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