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Bluebird Trails

The Sunnyside Master Gardener bluebird team works at bluebird conservation by making numerous bluebird boxes available at no cost. To date, the team, consisting of nearly fifty  individuals, has completed 3,702 boxes, of which 3,445 have been gifted.


We also monitor over 1,835 boxes on 46 trails. We collect and record various kinds of nesting data. Basic research is being done at our Purdue Research Center Trail in New Albany. Our data and findings are shared with the Indiana Bluebird Society and any other group that might gain from the findings.


We have positioned multiple trails at schools, two of our state parks and several of our county and city parks. We also have several churches that are hosting trails and have assisted three other organizations in doing the same. We have provided boxes for a trail in Louisville, KY, and we have offered to build boxes for DNR of Indiana at our cost.


In 2016 our bluebird team was selected as the bluebird group of the year by the Indiana Bluebird Society. We became an affiliate of the National Bluebird Society in early 2017.

We offer programs to educate others about our small cavity nesting birds. Resources include a PowerPoint presentation about bluebird trails and our common cavity nesters as well as two trifold display boards.


Goals for 2018 include building 400+ new boxes, adding 300 + boxes to the field, creating 10+ new trails, growing our team, and having a ton of fun.

Sunnyside MG  Meeting

May2nd 6:30 pm at Prosser

Katie Bell presenting 

Growing Cut Flowers

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