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Bluebird Trails

The Sunnyside Master Gardeners Bluebird Team works at bluebird conservation by making numerous bluebird boxes available and installing trails. As of November 1, 2023, the team has completed 4,915 boxes since its beginning. We also monitor over 2,000 boxes on over 60 trails. We collect and record various kinds of nesting data. Basic research is being done on several of our trails by members of our Bluebird team, of which we presently have over 50 volunteers.


Our data and findings are shared with our team, the Indiana Bluebird Society, and any other groups that might ben-efit from the findings. In 2016 our bluebird team was selected as the bluebird group of the year by the Indiana Bluebird Society and we became an affiliate of the National Bluebird Society in early 2017.


We offer educational materials and a program geared toward educating individuals about the small cavity nesting birds for our area. We have also as-sembled display boards. We have installed trails at schools, state parks, county parks, city parks, churches, private property, and other locations. We have as-sisted other groups with the organization of similar adventures. We have provid-ed boxes for trails in several counties in Indiana, Louisville, KY as well as several other states.

Sunnyside MG  Picnic

June 8, 4:30 PM

Perrin Park

Elizabeth Raleigh

Grantline Nursery


New Plants for 2024

Meeting Agenda

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