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Clark County Fairgrounds Demonstration Gardens
9608 Hwy. 62, Charlestown, IN

In 2013 Master Gardeners constructed a series of raised beds at the Clark County Fairgrounds to demonstrate both conventional and organic vegetable gardening techniques to the general public. Plant specimens include annual and perennial varieties, as well as heirloom and hybrid cultivars of vegetables and flowers.

The vegetable garden in particular models practical ways to limit the need for pesticides, herbicides and supplemental water.

Workshops and classes on related topics such as (1) season extension, (2) organic techniques, and (3) weed, insect and disease management are conducted throughout the year.


Produce from this garden is donated to area homeless shelters and food banks.


Sunnyside MG  Meeting

May2nd 6:30 pm at Prosser

Katie Bell presenting 

Growing Cut Flowers

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