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Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Team

     The goal of the Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Team is to provide science-based information to the Sunnyside Master Gardener membership and to the general public on pollinators and beneficial insects. The team seeks out current, research-based information on who the ‘beneficials’ are and the myriad of ways that these species affect and are affected by the natural environment.

     Additionally, the team utilizes this information to provide concrete, practical guidance that gardeners and property owners can use to understand the role that the ‘beneficials’ play in our lives and environment and to improve habitat for these crucial species. The team works closely with the Education Committee and a number of the SMG garden projects to bring this information to the public. Activities include Pollinator Day at Purdue Technology Center, the Butterfly Garden Open House, demonstrations and presentations at other public events, social media, etc.

     The team welcomes anyone interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures or who has new and creative ideas of how we can ‘help others grow’ in their knowledge of pollinators and beneficial insects.

Sunnyside MG  Picnic

June 8, 4:30 PM

Perrin Park

Elizabeth Raleigh

Grantline Nursery


New Plants for 2024

Meeting Agenda

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