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Sacred Heart
1840 E. 8th Street, Jeffersonville, IN

The Garden at Sacred Heart is an example of how gardens must be continually evaluated and redesigned as plants grow and flourish.


It was begun in 2000 in a grassy area in front of Walpole Hall, part of the campus of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. An underground fuel oil tank was removed, and the grass was taken out so that the 60 by 100 feet area could be tilled, and the soil amended to plant the gardens. The area was originally planted with perennials donated by members of the parish. Because of their generosity, however, the garden was overplanted and difficult to maintain.

Over the years, the “Sharing Garden” has been redesigned several times. In 2010, one of the parish Boy Scout troops installed a split rail fence around the perimeter of the garden. The final design was completed in 2013 and now the garden is more easily maintained.

The new design includes a mound with a variety of perennials and annuals which are added in the spring for additional color. There is a cactus and succulent corner, an herb garden and a grassy lawn. A rose garden, planted in memory of master gardener Joan Becht, who volunteered many hours in the Sacred Heart garden, is in the center of the garden.

There is an information mailbox with pamphlets explaining the various herbs planted in the garden. As a courtesy for visitors, all the plants, shrubs and trees have identifying markers.


Several benches are placed around in the garden to make it an inviting area. The students of Sacred Heart School use the garden for some of their classes. Everyone is welcome to come sit and enjoy.

Sunnyside MG  Meeting

May2nd 6:30 pm at Prosser

Katie Bell presenting 

Growing Cut Flowers

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