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Interested in learning more about what’s affecting the plants in your backyard or woods?


Join us for these upcoming webinars hosted by Extension and the Education Committee at Purdue Technology Center located at 3000 Technology Ave, New Albany, IN.


Webinars are free, but please register by emailing Gina at or by calling 812.948.5470.   These educational opportunities are open to the public, so bring a friend!

MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture Webinar - Growing Healthy Soil

Wednesday, March 11 at 12:00 pm EDT 

Location: Due to some technical and logistic issues we will NOT be hosting the ‘Growing Healthy Soils’ webinar previously scheduled for Wed., Mar 11 in the Armstrong Room at PTC.  However, if you would like to watch the webinar from home it will still count as Advanced Training.

You can register for the live webinar at:

If the sponsors archive the webinar it should be available at:  It sometimes takes a few weeks for the recordings to become available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This webinar will introduce the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, and how they interact and affect soil quality and health.


Monarch Joint Venture Webinar - Recovering America's Wildlife Act
Tuesday, March 24th at 2 pm EDT

Location: Shine Room

Naomi Edelson - National Wildlife Federation.  Learn more about the Recovering America's Wildlife Act and its role in monarch conservation.


Tree Fund Webinar - Why Do Tree Branches Fail?

Thursday, March 26, at 1 pm EDT

Location: Shine Room


Greg Dahle, PhD, West Virginia University, We will explore how researchers from ecology, forestry and arboriculture have utilized biomechanics to understand how trees contend with the forces mother nature can throw at them during the long-life span.

Slow Flowers: Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

April 14, 2020 at 2:30 pm EDT

Location: Online (click link above to register)

We emphasize buying your food locally, but why not your flowers as well? Join University of Illinois State Master Gardener Specialist, Candice Hart, to learn how to grow a variety of cut flowers here in Illinois, the benefits of having cut flowers in the garden, and how to condition them to be long lasting. Hart will discuss her all-time favorite flowers to grow and share tips and tricks for success.

Sunnyside MG  Meeting

July 2, 6:30 PM

First Christian Church

GRACE Center

3209 Middle Road


Drew McCutchen



Soil & Water Management of Gardens & Landscaping

Meeting Agenda

Zoom Link

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